MSMP 34: Ludovic Vuillier on Effective Sales Framework

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no other than, Ludovic Vuillier, Managing Director of Baer’s Crest and Founder of The Good Life Manifesto.

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Ludovic Vuillier had an exciting launch pad as he started his career in Sales, not as planned as versus like everyone else. From this starting point, he launched The Good Life Manifesto, wherein it aims to help people discern what will make them generally happy and help them achieve whatever that may be for them.

Garnering from this philosophy and experience, Ludovic profoundly understood the concept and reality of sales in a way that made him realize that the most difficult “Yes” in Sales was his “First Yes.” From then, in the way he dealt with his clients and colleagues, he knew very well that each and everyone else is different, and what may work for one may not necessarily work for them either. Such that, in every dealings, putting circumstance in a context must be considered before moving forward.

Msmp 34 Ludovic Vuillier
Key Learning:
  1. Ludovic Vuillier’s Entrepreneurial Tips on Sales – 2:27
  2. Ludovic Vuillier’s Biggest Management Challenge – 3:48, 9:15
  3. Ludovic Vuillier’s Personal Weakness – 15:36
  4. Ludovic Vuillier’s Value Added Contribution – 19:13
  5. Ludovic Vuillier’s Take on A Good Sales Framework – 29:24, 31:57
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