MSMP 33: Adam Sinkus on Creating Culture Driven Relationship

Our culture defines us as people or groups with many mutual beliefs, opinions, traditions, and values that are taught and learned as we grow and evolve. It is a type of structure beyond our family, which gives us something to comfort or depends on knowing what is expected of us and what to expect.

Remove this, and some of our structure is removed too, which by the way, in every way. In the same token, culture also affects leadership in every way imaginable.

Talking about creating a culture driven relationship is Adam Sinkus, who is joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, to share how culture affects everything else that’s moving and measurable.

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Adam Sinkus is a Leadership and Culture Consultant from Florida who subscribes to the view that businesses can maintain the same culture they had when they were still starting up with the right tools and mindset towards people management. For Adam, how a leader makes a cultural impact on the employees is relevant enough that the intangible measure leads to tangible expected outcomes.

This foundation, in its relevance, paved the way for Adam to know the approach(es) with the kind of clients he had, and he has.

Adam is fully aware of cultural continuity, and for this to be possible, effective communication plays a huge role in affecting people and begins to build connections

Msmp 33 Adam Sinkus
Key Learning:
  1. Adam Sinkus’ Insight on Culture and It’s Business Relevance – 1:25, 2:54, 3:19
  2. How his Interest in Management Started – 13:26
  3. The Biggest Management Challenge Adam Sinkus Faced Himself – 9:49
  4. Dealing with and Overcoming Personal Relationships in Business Dealings – 16:30
  5. The Most Challenging Management Decision for Adam Sinkus – 21:39
  6. Adam Sinkus’ Weakness from a Management Standpoint – 23:38
  7. Adam Sinkus Take on Onboarding – 26:23
  8. Adam Sinkus Take on Delegation – 34:14
  9. Adam Sinkus’ Management Tips – 39:24
Resources Mentioned:
  1. How to Build Aces in Your Organization – (…coming out later this year)focused on Leadership and Culture
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