MSMP 184: How To Successfully Communicate With Your Remote Workers In A Virtual Team

It’s no secret how hiring remote workers or setting up your virtual team made you save tons of cost. Since the pandemic, remote working has become the new norm. Do you agree? In fact, a lot of businesses right now offer hybrid work set-ups. If not, they are hiring remote workers and setting up their very own virtual team

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Omar and I talked about our experience in having our virtual teams. He shared how his communication dynamic has been working for him, which made his business scale up to its capacity now. He shared proven tips on how to keep remote employees engaged and the productivity it yields. 

By now, there’s no proven science yet, in terms of communication dynamics for managing a remote team. But one thing’s for sure: If you are not effectively managing people face-to-face, there’s no chance you’d be with a remote team!

Tap in now and tune in until the very end! 

Listen to this week’s show and learn:
  1. How do you manage a remote team differently?;
  2. What are the better ways of your communication process?;
  3. How can you use a filtration process to find the right people for your virtual team?
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