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High Performance Productivity

Get One Year Worth Of Work Done In Just 3 Months


  • Being in the flow whenever you want and confidently completing all the work
  • Your employees doubled their performance
  • Achieving your goals faster than anyone else

All of this is possible when you develop high-performance productivity skills.

Course Review4
Tom Kent
Career Coach and Founder

With Chris’s and mads’ coaching support, I have had 600 sales calls and over 120 career coaching clients.

Today My income is 4X timed what what I was making before at my last full time job.

Course Review5
Olivia Solero
Founder & Content Marketer, Cannabis Stack

I learned how to work with my business partner in a better way. The crunch time and the urgency, got us to figure things out much more rapidly.

I really recommend taking this course!

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About The Course

it is a 10-module online learning course with lifetime access.

You’ll learn how to turn your current work operation into a well-oiled machine.

You’ll never have to worry about getting consistent results, they will just come to you.

Unlock the potential of your current and future employees through these growth techniques.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to High-Performance Productivity
  • Module 2: The Science of Productivity
  • Module 3: Simple Techniques to tap into high performance
  • Module 4: Productive and Happy Lifestyle
  • Module 5: Environment
  • Module 6: Accountability
  • Module 7: The magic pill of productivity
  • Module 8: Goal setting and weekly planning
  • Module 9: Productivity with your team
  • Module 10: Wrap up, freebies, and tools

Meet your Instructor


I am the founder of The Business Method Podcast and Get Shit Done Live.

My core mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses rapidly using high-performance productivity techniques.

Over the years, I have created business accelerators while interviewing more than 300 successful entrepreneurs on my podcast.

In this course, you will learn the most critical productivity techniques to leverage your employees’ strengths and imagination and exponentially grow and scale your business.

– Chris Reynolds
Chris Reynolds

Meet your Instructor


I hope you enjoy this course and join my private mastermind group to share your learning journey with 100+ online business owners like yourself.

I have coached people in organizations such as Shell and Coca-Cola and worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and get exponential results through their staff.

I also run multiple businesses, and these productivity techniques keep my companies running smoothly without too much of my direct input.


– Mads Singers

Join The 2% of Entrepreneurs Using Effective Delegation Principles for Exponential Growth

  • Discover the science of high performance productivity and what brainwaves and neurochemicals have to do with your peak performance
  • Learn why your lifestyle like your sleep, nutrition, exercise and even your relationships have a huge influence on your productivity
  • Meet the biggest enemy of productivity and how to fight it
  • We’ll talk about why your environment and also the people you surround yourself with can either hold you back from productivity or accelerate your performance

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You are welcome to join ‘High-Performance Productivity’ for 30 days, 100% RISK-FREE

You can review every piece of learning material in this course, and if you find that it doesn’t meet your level of satisfaction, all you have to do is send me one email and request your refund.

I have spent more than 16 years learning everything I possibly can about building and managing high-performance teams and what it truly takes to achieve challenging goals. I use this system daily to get the most from the teams that run my businesses.

Therefore I am 100% confident the systems and strategies outlined in this course will change how you approach growing and scaling your business through effective management.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee