MSMP 23: Mark Luckenbaugh: How to Make Your Investment in Management Worthy

For some people, gaining knowledge about “doing” management and investing in management are one and the same. However, to some, there is a clear distinction between knowing and investing right.

I am joined in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast by no less than Mark Luckenbaugh, an entrepreneur, to share interesting facts about what governs him in navigating his philosophy about investing in management.

He emphasizes that by profoundly understanding what’s going to be yours and knowing what comes along with that entails embracing responsibility in full scale.

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Mark Luckenbaugh’s goal for the next few years is to concentrate on funding software development and acquisition of companies or equities in the companies to further build businesses. Mark is fully aware that for this to be on the baseline, finding the right talent fit complementing product fit holds essential roles.

Msmp 23 Mark Luckenbaugh

Mark is governed on the philosophy that empowering managers or leads and providing the needed management support or management training fuels them to act accordingly and beyond.

Key Learning:
  1. Mark Luckenbaugh Management Philosophy – 4:36, 6:46
  2. What Mark Luckenbaugh considers his biggest failures as an entrepreneur – 16:10, 45:22
Golden Nugget:
  1. What that Comes Along Responsibility- 34:01
Connect with Mark Luckenbaugh on the following online handle(s):
  1. Linkedin
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