MSMP 142: Jessica Eastman Stewart on Systems that Support Management to Manage Teams Effectively

Today’s guest on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Jessica Eastman Stewart. Jessica is a coach, consultant, and the founder of Joyfully Managed Family. This community helps make the day-to-day management of home and family life a little easier and more joyful. A former co-founder for a non-profit organization for ten years and coached leaders, Jessica now creates content where she helps anyone in the world manage their home and family. An intentional manager, Jessica first became a manager back in 2009, and since then, she has loved talking about it, coaching others, and even writing blogs about it.

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Contrary to popular belief, management doesn’t have to be complicated. Management doesn’t need several steps and processes to make things work. Having simple techniques that work well is much more effective than having several complicated functions. It can be as simple as declaring email bankruptcy, where an email from a month ago is rendered useless and archived immediately because anything important will find its way to you or back to you. However, for this to happen, leaders and business managers should make space for their team and staff to be productive. One of the ways you can do that is by incorporating fun and even a bit of a game with your staff. This can also work if you have a remote team, schedule a Zoom meeting, pop in some music while everyone works on their tasks. Also, rather than setting up a calendar block for meetings or 1-on-1s, it’s essential to check in with your staff so you can have a hearty and meaningful conversation rather than a one-sided conversation. Something simple as a Word document or a spreadsheet where you can put all the information and tidbits of your employee can help a lot!

Being a manager or leader isn’t about the power to boss around people and pass your job to them. At the same time, you rest your feet on your table or go somewhere to relax and unwind; instead, it’s about building relationships with people in your company or organization. Having a good relationship with your staff and employees can help you in the long run, especially if they decide to leave to pursue better opportunities or when they land their dream job. This gives you ample time to prepare and train for their replacement and focus on your business.

Msmp 142 Jessica Eastman Stewart
Key Learning:
  1. Mads says he is a firm believer in having a few processes that work well compared to having complicated ones to manage your team effectively. – 02:25
  2. Jessica and her team have what they call a ‘’Polish Week’’ where they take time twice a year and pause what they are doing to polish up their systems. Jessica says they do this during the slower times of the year, usually the last week of December or the first week of July. – 03:14
  3. Jessica admits that taking some time off may seem daunting. However, it is worth doing it because it pays dividends every single day when you take some time to clean up things that are slowing you down – 04:40
  4. Jessica says we have things we are good at and not so good at. For example, a person can organize their desk but is not good at managing their digital files. She recommends that we incentivize it and have something to look forward to, such as eating your favorite lunch – 09:48
  5. Jessica says that it’s essential for leaders and managers to make space for their staff or teams to be productive. – 13:00
  6. Jessica shares her tip on using reminders, whether it’s on your phone or computer, so you can be reminded of your team’s starting dates and birthdays and appreciate them. This can also work for setting reminders for yourself on things you want to improve on. – 15:08
  7. Mads says that the best way to give feedback is to look for critical thinking and connect it to behavior. – 22:06
  8. Mads admits that he still finds it challenging when a good employee resigns to pursue their dream job. However, he says that managers and leaders should still appreciate their time and contributions to your company and be happy on their behalf. – 26:10
  9. Mads adds that when employees leave you, especially great employees, it means you are doing a great job as their manager because you have developed and grown your staff. – 27:08
  10. Mads says that if you don’t know until the last possible day of resignation, then it means that your relationship with your staff isn’t that strong. – 29:56
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Polish Week Checklist
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