MSMP 25: Karl Kangur on Changing Roles of People Management in the face of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing or technologies, infrastructure, systems, and processes are as important as the people involved in digital alteration; it is also as crucial as people management.

Communication and empowerment play a considerable part in this business culture, considering the business dynamics it entails for digital maturity.

Joining me LIVE in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is no other than Karl Kangur, Marketing Director of Smash Digital and Smash VC. Karl shares in this episode how he learned people management by experience and how it turned out to be a learning process for him too.

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Karl is currently staying in Vietnam, and has done Digital Marketing for eleven years now. He started as a person specializing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and affiliate websites and eventually making it to the Agency World.

Being a visionary leader as he is, he knows that by having a clear road map of what he aims to be, and where he seeks to be, operating business in digital marketing, in general, becomes more manageable.

Msmp 25 Karl Kangur

For Karl, management came in as trial and error as he started at a very young age to which he learned management through the ropes. Karl believes that communicating clearly and effectively and empowering people by giving them the authority to make decisions spells out the difference. This became his backbone in people management. Karl believes that by giving people chances, it surprises each one who gets to witness, knowing them differently.

Key Learning:
  1. Karl Kangur”s take on Management – 2:00
  2. Karl Kangur’s Management Roadblock – 4:36
  3. What Karl Kangur considers win – 5:52
  4. Karl Kangur’s Interesting Business Outlooks – 14:43
  5. Karl Kangur’s Takeaways – 18:17, 23:00, 25:42
Golden Nugget:
  1. Karl Kangur being Visionary – 8:07
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