MSMP 100: Jeremy Lunnen on Training and Developing People to be Leaders

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast! It’s been quite a journey, and I couldn’t have gotten here without your support!

Joining us today for our 100th episode is none other than Jeremy Lunnen. Jeremy is the global leadership development programs manager of Qualfon that runs contact centers around the world. Jeremy has been with Qualfon since 2006 and leads the efforts of Qualfon University by training and developing people who are moving up their first supervisory positions.

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Jeremy and I had a fascinating discussion regarding management and how to train people in becoming leaders. With most job roles requiring some form of training, many people are promoted as managers get little to no movement and struggle in their new position to manage their team. Regardless if a person is a natural-born leader or has the potential to be a leader, they cannot unlock their full potential if they do not receive the proper guidance and training.

We then continued how some managers and business owners become cautious when working with other people from different cultures because there are differences in cultures and how some may get culture-shocked because they get exposed to something unpleasant. However, because of advances in technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are starting to adjust and get used to working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Msmp 100 Jeremy Lunnen
Key Learning:
  1. Mads points out that many capable people who get promoted as managers lack the essential training to be efficient.- 4:31
  2. Mads says that having a company culture is essential, and all successful business is built on solid culture..- 9:33
  3. Jeremy likens company culture to growing a garden: having a good place, removing rocks and weeds, tilling the soil, etc. Doing nothing or not taking action in creating your company culture allows negative things to grow and take their place. – 10:00
  4. Jeremy says that your company will have its culture, whether it’s the culture that you carefully cared for and cultivated or the culture that popped out of nowhere because you didn’t pay attention. – 11:00
  5. Jeremy says that being a manager isn’t all about numbers. Managers need to focus on their soft skills. He then adds that managers need to know their people and what motivates them.- 14:16
  6. Mads says, while a great salesperson can’t be a great manager, a person can be trained to be a great manager. However, it doesn’t happen automatically. – 16:28
  7. Jeremy stresses that managers shouldn’t focus on gaps or the things that people lack. – 19:22
  8. Jeremy quotes Marcus Buckingham: “Focus on strengths, manage around weaknesses.” – 19:48
  9. Mads shares that when people don’t see it coming and get fired, you have done a horrible job as a manager because if people aren’t performing well, they need to know. – 27:49
  10. Jeremy encourages people to travel to experience and learn about other cultures and meet different people. – 33:24
  11. While there are some negatives in working with other cultures, Jeremy and Mads point out that it’s crucial to unlearn some things to grow your staff or team. – 39:06
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