MSMP 5: Kurt Philip on Vision & Results-Driven Management

Vision and management style establishes the tone, affects the results and the company work culture, which are necessary fuels to everything that a company does. In an ideal world, employees who become accountable, who are results focused, who self-identify, and collaborate with their team thrive. When exemplified, clients and businesses thrive as well.

In this episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast, Kurt Philip, CEO, and Founder of Convertica joins us to discuss how a visionary entrepreneur makes things happen. He also shares how staying true to one’s conviction matters.

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Kurt Philip subscribes to the view that the power of a vision depends on its ability to capture the soul of employees by setting the vision forth to be feasible and uplifting. As such, when a shared idea is adapted to the visioning process of the organization or company and at the same time, an empowering one, it becomes a home run to drive results. For Kurt, results- driven management and focus may both be an initial matter, but a constant drumbeat of emphasis makes magic.

Msmp 5 Kurt Philip

A vision will be mere words unless reinforced by action, and Kurt allows his leaders to navigate their liberty in management guided by the widely communicated vision and even quantifying it further to drive results.

Known to be a person who’s always willing to help and share his knowledge with others, Kurt Philip proved that his vision and expertise drive results and transformation.

Msmp 5 Kurt Philip2
Key Learning:
  1. Kurt Philip’s Management Philosophy – (1:34)
  2. Mission in People Management – (3:00)
  3. Business Evolution – (4:07)
  4. Kurt Philip’s take on Identifying Leaders – (6:12), (6:45)
  5. Going beyond Managing – (8:35)
  6. Kurt Philip’s Unique Management Style – (9:52)
  7. Personal Transformation – (12:13)
  8. Risk = Opportunity – (16:48)
  9. Management Tips, Tricks, or Techniques – (19:10)
Golden Nugget:
  1. Visionary Entrepreneur – (16:27)
Connect with Kurt Philip online with the following handles:
  1. Convertica
  2. Linkedin
  3. Facebook
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