MSMP 157: Why Your Employees Are Not Empowered The Way You Want Them To

Joining us again today is Lincoln Kokaram! Lincoln shares in our podcast episode today his humble experience and how he used this to be where he is today! Lincoln’s story is unique amongst others because he empowers his employees as he’s starting to have opportunities for himself too! This leadership strategy not only benefited his business but, at the same time, benefited his employees too!

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Like me, Lincoln believes that people are always an important asset. And that the way you manage your people reflects on the % you allocate to develop and grow them. Whether it be that means your time or resources to hone and empower your employees. Make sure that you don’t sell yourself short today! Tune in now, learn today, run your business, and be the great leader you are!

What do we cover in this episode?
  1. How to correctly empower your employees and have your attrition reduced
  2. Why investing in your people is always a better choice
  3. How can you listen better to your employees and still be a leader
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