MSMP 115: David Gaines on Making a Social Impact with Coffee and Creating a Company Culture

Joining me today on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is none other than David Gaines. David is the owner and CEO of La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie and the co-host of The Third Place Podcast.

Although La Terza has initially been from his friend, David bought the business, and it made him realize what a great cup of coffee was and how big of a difference it was to drink a well-made cup of coffee. While I’m not a fan of coffee, David believes that there is still room for me to change and have a cup of good coffee one day.

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Frequently, most extroverts will almost always be in a sales job or work as a salesperson. However, Jo believes that introverts can excel in being a salesperson because they tend to ask the right questions, which can pique a customer’s interest or immediately serve a customer what they need. But because of their shy and reserved nature, many employers tend to pass that opportunity to their more extroverted or outgoing peers even though they may not have enough experience or knowledge about the position.

While we need to get rid of our preconceived notions about what introverts and extroverts can have, I believe there are specific fields where introverts can excel. But rather than sorting out where people belong, let people find their comfort level to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Who knows, that person you’ve been putting in the back may be an undiscovered salesman.

As observed by Jo and me, most managers and business owners tend to hire people who share their likeness. It is also why at times, it fails to add variety to their team and adjust to the needs of their team accordingly.

While different people may want or seek other things, we must find what and where we are comfortable with to flourish in life. Although it may seem daunting at first, it’s essential that we take action rather than wait for the perfect conditions to set off our plans and goals.

Msmp 115 David Gaines
Key Learning:
  1. David reminds us of the golden rule: treat other people how you want to be treated.- 04:35.
  2. Mads says that business owners should love their competitors because the world is so big and it’s much better to collaborate with the people around you instead of competing.- 09:06
  3. Mads says that when we focus on our competitors, we generate negative energy. – 09:27
  4. David says that the happier our employees are, the more productive they become.- 11:50
  5. David says that business owners should look at the whole person and how they can help and provide for that person to become more productive and build a company culture. – 14:20
  6. David says the more opportunity business owners offer to their employees and seeing them as a whole person, the more we can build a team culture in our business.- 15:08
  7. Mads says that when you don’t have happy employees, your business has no value. – 16:01
  8. David says that business owners should live and embody the values that they created for their business.- 16:40
  9. David shares that business owners should hire for character first rather than skill set.- 26:56
  10. Mads adds that he looks at attitude, culture, and personality fit when hiring because skills can be taught. – 28:52
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The Third Place Podcast
  2. Social Enterprise Alliance
Connect with David:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Email
  3. Website
  4. Facebook
  5. The Radical Business Podcast
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