MSMP 83: Matt Diggity on Better Management

It’s often said that a business is a way for the founders and employees to bring their theories to life. Sometimes those founders have enough energy and vision to drive multiple businesses. Today’s guest for the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Matt Diggity and he is very much one of those types of founders. His businesses include (drum roll): Diggity Marketing (a blog about digital marketing), Leadspring (a firm that builds authority, monetizes, and eventually sells affiliate websites), Authority Builders (a backlink service), Search Initiative (a client-facing SEO agency), Affiliate Lab (a course that teaches the background of the services that Leadspring offers, for the DIY type), and Chiang Mai SEO (during times when gathering in numbers is permitted).

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If you were paying any kind of attention to that impressive resume, you’ll see that Matt has a lot of SEO superpowers and is simply deploying them in multiple ways. In order for him to do that effectively, he’s got to have great management skills. That’s actually how our paths crossed originally. I came out to one of his team’s in-person events to give them some management training. I covered a lot of what I talk about in my management course, with a special emphasis on 1 to 1 meeting and recruitment. Those two activities, apart from the day-to-day management tasks, like strategic thinking and networking, comprise the very heart of great management.

Matt shared how much he loves assigning responsibilities, rather than tasks when he delegates. I agreed, saying that if team members are clear on the expected outcome, they can feel free to tweak the process in order to get to that outcome. Delegation also assumes knowing where someone is coming from, and I think DISC can go a long way to helping people solve that problem. Matt noted that he liked DISC because unlike Meyers-Briggs, which gives you 16 possible variants, it only has four measurements to examine.

Part of how you can get to understanding the urgency of delegation is auditing your activity: seeing how you are spending your time and noting what kind of income those activities generate. When you see that laid out it becomes so much easier to let tasks go that you simply don’t have to do, not least of which because you are nowhere near the best person in your company to do those things.

Msmp 83 Matt Diggity

Despite all that he’s got going on, Matt is mindful of parenting and he had a lovely thought for current and aspiring parents: “There is no amount of time that is ‘enough’ to spend with your child.”

Enjoy this conversation!

Key Learning:
  1. Matt notes the revelation of there only being two main functions of management once things get put in place – 3:08
  2. Mads reminds listeners that if you can’t take a month off, you don’t have a business, just a glorified job – 4:50
  3. Mads emphasizes the ineffectiveness of doing tasks that should be outsourced – 8:15
  4. Mads talks about the “boxes” that DISC helps create – 15:30
  5. Matt shares the helpfulness of assigning responsibilities rather than tasks – 20:15
  6. Matt underlines that delegation assumes A-players – 31:25
  7. Mads discusses an alternative way of framing a job search – 34:35
  8. Matt tells listeners a key lesson about parenthood – 39:15
Resources Mentioned:
  1. The Algebra of Happiness by Scott Galloway
Connect with Matt Diggity:
  1. Diggity Marketing
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