MSMP 118: Allan Milham on Making an Impact as a Leader

Joining me today on the Mads Singers Management Podcast is none other than Allan Milham. Allan is the founder of Questage®, a leadership development company based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Allan has been working for the last 25 years with entrepreneurs and leaders with organizations worldwide.

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He has helped people elevate their impact as a leader and understand the leadership brand that can help them get leverage in their careers.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us were affected and had to take a step back. However, to make an impact as a leader, Allan shares his tips on how business owners and leaders should be self-aware and observant with their pace during the day.

Allan believes we all have a different calling which can be tied with purpose so that a purpose title with a legacy then you got back at the end of the journey. We have challenges, and we need a leadership conversation to stay alive, focused, and it can happen during the conversation. Mads also adds that the more leaders, the better. The more people developed leaders, the better. Being a leader, you have to live your values, whatever they are.

A leader is not about leading but learning. We need to be humans who have a lot of curiosity over today’s surroundings, join the team by encouraging discussions for better probabilities and take your time wherever you need time to contemplate. These are just simple motions with a significant effect on the environment and culture.

Msmp 118 Allan Milham
Key Learning:
  1. Allan shares how he was a late bloomer compared to his siblings where they had things figured out. – 01:27
  2. Allan shares how Questage allows leaders to find the pause they need and to be able to self-reflect – 03:31
  3. Allan continues that when leaders can pause and self-reflect, they can come up with better solutions and results. Team members are more excited to be around that team leader because they’re slowing down, adjusting, and curious. – 03:44
  4. Mads shares that he dislikes the phrase “You should be working on your business, not in your business” because many people don’t understand the word. – 04:30
  5. Allan says he holistically defines leadership: it’s how you lead at home, how you lead with your family, and how you lead in your communities. – 05:34
  6. Allan shares that the new generation is demanding more of the Learner Leader type – 06:31
  7. Allan believes our calling is tied with purpose, journey, and legacy. – 18:25
  8. Mads says it’s not easy to reverse roles, but you must be aware. – 22:40
  9. Allan says that our bodies are the messengers that let us know when we should take a break. – 23:59
  10. Mads is a fundamental believer where happiness is a choice but in also owning your destiny- 27:10
Resources Mentioned:
  1. Enneagram
  2. Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr
Connect with Allan:
  1. Website
  2. LinkedIn (Company Website)
  3. Allan’s LinkedIn
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