MSMP 3: Jonathan Kiekbusch on Hiring Right

Jonathan Kiekbusch was born and raised in Germany, and his early career revolved around business development in different industries.

From there, Jonathan joined a big American usability company. He began as an account executive and was eventually promoted to Director of Sales in Europe.

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Jonathan’s first startup was in the security industry. He ran it for three years before eventually selling it. During this time, he met his co-founder and they started the digital marketing product business which is now SEO Butler.

A crucial part of Jonathan’s mission is hiring the right people and providing mechanisms and goals for employee growth and development. He believes strongly that training and development is an integral part of managing the talents of his team.

Jonathan recognizes the challenges of hiring in today’s competitive marketplace. He firmly believes that communicating effectively is essential for employee growth and business development.

Msmp 3 Jonathan Kiekbusch
Key Learning:
  1. Jonathan Kiekbusch’s Management Philosophy – (5:15), (8:40)
  2. People Management Mission – (10:30)
  3. Improving People and Business Development – (26:06), (27:08), (27:40)
  4. Manager’s Transformation – (30:05), (31:22)
  5. Jonathan Kiekbusch Tips, and Techniques – (18:26), (19:14)
Golden Nugget:
  1. Capability Building – (12:54)
  2. Bird’s Eye View – (31:22)
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