MSMP 1: Lavinia Iosub from Livit on Management

In this episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast, we discuss People Management and People Innovation in today’s dynamic office space.

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Joining us is Lavinia Iosub from Livit , in about her journey towards expanding a unique set of services for startups and finding new ways to empower people.

Known to be a person who makes things happen and willing to take risks for a better direction, her management mindset places the relevance of embracing shared belief in driving the course of a growing business, and that includes the right attitude, correct behavior, and shared values.

Currently, Livit is an international service provider for tech startups. Livit operates in Bali and also spanning four international services abroad. It offers co-working spaces, shared offices, business support services, and consultancy services.

Lavinia shares her management philosophy; how important it is to approach a “We” perspective in working rather than an “I” mindset, and what she enjoys in managing people. She shares her advocacy in Training and Development most especially for those who are already leaders and for those who seek to become one considering the factors for a coworking space or virtual set up.

Lavinia expresses how she looks forward to continuing to inspire people by virtue of her management philosophy: to take on more autonomy and how vital it is to trust your team.

Key Learning:
  1. Lavinia Iosub’s Management Philosophy – (3:58), (11:44)
  2. Routine Wednesday – (7:46)
  3. he Mission in Managing People – (8:19)
  4. Influencing Leaders – (21:12)
  5. Management Tips, Tricks, Tools, and System – (31:07)
Golden Nugget:

How Globalization Irreversibly Affects the Workforce – (5:30)

Resources Mentioned:
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