MSMP 154: What Is Self Development In Leadership?

Patrice Bisiot joins us in today’s episode! Patrice’s appreciation of authentic leadership comes from his very unique experience with self-awareness and self development. He navigated his fashion business into a leadership and self-development niche. Patrice believes that authenticity is important when translating leadership into actions. This concept of authenticity works for both him, as the business owner, and his staff. For Patrice, the necessary why in leading brings accountability. Discover more of how Patrice overcame himself, became the leader he has, and has grown as a person and his business from there! Tune in ‘til the end and know the two most important leadership aspects which launched his pad!

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What do we cover in this episode?
  1. How insecurity can affect your leadership;
  2. What is communication philosophy; and
  3. How can leadership evolve after self-improvement
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