MSMP 44: Quentin de Pret on Collective Intelligence and Participatory Management

To lead a team nowadays requires collective synergy among the people involved in the team – this is what Quentin de Pret is preaching as a Transformation Advisor and Coach.

Joining me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast is Coach and Advisor from Mango ChutneyQuentin.

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Quentin had a chance to explore the field of collective intelligence and participatory management, which in essence helps to build peoples’ sense of community and belonging in a remote workspace so people will feel engaged despite the complex work dynamic.

He also built a company called Mango Chutney, which takes care of small and medium businesses in organizing daily life like how to be efficient yet stimulate engagements considering the modern workspace involved.

Msmp 44 Quentin De Pret

For Quentin, participatory leadership is essential for adapting to change and innovation. It uses available knowledge and involvement to achieve the common good on any issue as it allows them to deal with issues by using the collective intelligence of people concerned.

Key Learning:
  1. Quentin de Pret’s Management Philosophy – 4:26
  2. Quentin de Pret’s Management Model – 10:00, 17:18
  3. Quentin de Pret’s Insight on Culture Transformation in Organization and Peer Communities – 22:16, 32:47
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