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Learn from dedicated entrepreneurs, innovators, and experts who have been in your shoes, effectively managing people, successfully growing businesses, and helping others do the same!

Hi! I am Mads Singers, your podcast host and People Management Coach and Consultant.

My management philosophy is based on a simple and unique premise:
Treat everyone as an individual and put the right individuals into the right box.

Doing this makes the rest of the management process that much easier.


Get better results by learning the “hacks” from the best and learn actionable steps to apply to your business and personal life!

New episodes are published every Wednesday at 9 AM EST.

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MARCH 2023
#185: How To Improve Your Business Efficiency Without Wasting A Lot Of Money
#184: How To Successfully Communicate With Your Remote Workers In A Virtual Team
#183: How Do You Improve Employee Motivation Without Doing a Lot
#182: Quickly Decrease Your Team’s Incompetence by Simply Tracking Productivity
#181: 5 Proven People Management Skills That Start-Up Business Owners Are Ineffective Of Doing

#180: How Do You Change And Create A Great Company Culture?
#179: 8 Fail-Proof Business Success Factors That Make Money
#178: The Most Often Overlooked Personal Development Opportunities Risking Your Business Goal
#177: When is delegating effectively most successful?

#176: You Won’t Believe How Small Business Operations Can Be Greatly Affected By Remote Team Communication
#175: Easy-To-Follow Business Alignment Tips For Your Small Business Success
#174: Use This Recruitment Tip to Improve Your Hiring Process

#162: What Are You Missing Out on Networking Today
#161: 2 Important Content Marketing Strategies That Work But You’re Not Doing!
#160: What Is Successful Delegation In Real Estate Operations

#159: Stop Making This Networking Connection Mistake Today
#158: Save So Much Money By Following 3 Steps To Better Your Employee Engagement & Retention
#157: Why Your Employees Are Not Empowered The Way You Want Them To
#156: How Your Fear of Hiring Younger Employees Delays Business Opportunities

JULY 2022
#155: Can social media marketing usage have a pressing effect on your entrepreneurial leadership?
#154: What Is Self-Development In Leadership?
#153: How Recruitment Can Become The Most Important Management Skill You Will Have

JUNE 2022
#152: How Do I Increase Employee Retention? Learn How Your Work Culture Affects!
#151: Turn One Cleaning Service Business Into Multiple Businesses!
#150: Reduce Your Attrition Rate Using This Leadership Technique!
#149: How To Achieve Business and Profit Growth?
#148: Increase Your Revenue By Doing This Sprint Strategy!

MAY 2022
#147: Deanna Figurito on Attrition Reduction Through Leadership Development

APRIL 2022
#146: Andrew Venture on Financial Delegation Importance to Staff Delegation
#145: Julia Starzyk on Effective Communication for Effective Management
#144: Skye Barbour on Building a Team to Grow a Sustainable Business
#143: Louise Ledbrook on Reaching Your Goals with Rules and Boundaries

MARCH 2022
#142: Jessica Eastman Stewart on Systems that Support Management to Manage Teams Effectively
#141: TaJuanna Taylor on Learning from Other Leaders and Mastering Your Skillset
#140: Todd Kuckkahn on Focusing on Your Purpose and Revolutionising Corporate Leadership
#139: Dr. Erika Michalski on Showing Up As Your Authentic Self and Investing in People
#138: Melissa Maulini on Business Scaling, Hiring Right, and Onboarding

#137: Dana Kaplan on Self-Awareness Impact on Leadership and Management
#136: Tarush Aggarwal on Asking Better Questions and Using Data to Your Advantage to Grow Your Business
#135: Chris Templeton on Authentic Management Practice and Leadership
#134: Tomer David on Automation's Influence in Managing People

#133: Kison Patel on Being Decisive and Solving Problems Effectively
#132: Jennifer Braganza on Hiring and Building Teams in the Digital Age
#131: Tasneem Ali on The Power of Authentic Leadership Presence and Harnessing LinkedIn for Hiring Great Staff
#130: Eric Spencer on Leadership Development and Relationship Management

#129: Tony Jalan on Sales Expertise and His Unique Approach In Scaling Teams
#128: Lincoln Kokaram on Building Relationships with Your Team and Management Development
#127: Paul Rodney Turner on Social Entrepreneurship and Building Confidence
#126: Sinead Kearns on Sharing your Ideas and Starting a Business from Scratch
#125: Sheri Miter on Finding your Strengths and Creating a Well-Rounded Team

#124: Donald Kelly on Planning and Managing Your Time Effectively in the New Normal
#123: Emil Goliath on How to Keep You and Your Business Healthy and in Top Shape
#122: Renata Porter on Understanding and Communicating with Your Employees
#121: Itai Sadan with the Right Chemistry in Hiring Employees

#120: Mark Grainger on Communicating and Making Connections in Relationships and Businesses
#119: Joseph Fung on Finding the Right Fit for Your Business
#118: Allan Millham on Making an Impact as a Leader

#117: Michelle A. Mercier on Facing Adversity and Building Resilient Teams and Unlocking The Power of Habits and The Right Mindset
#116: Jo Rawbone on Harnessing the Power of Introverts and Flourishing in the Workplace
#115: David Gaines on Making a Social Impact with Coffee and Creating a Company Culture
#114: Maya Middlemiss on Scaling Your Business to be Remote-First and How to Be Happy and Healthy When Working from Home
#113: Julian Goldie on Creating Effective Processes and Hiring Freelancers

#112: Julia Collins on Servant Leadership
#111: Stacy Owen Johnston on The Pursuit of Happiness and Finding Your Authentic Self
#110: Simon Kardynal on Honesty as his Foundation of Leadership and Communication
#109: Andrea Overend on Building Teams and Hiring the Right People

JULY 2021
#108: Ryan Shekell on Building and Cultivating Relationships
#107: Richard Matthews on Building Systems and Working Remotely
#106: Erin Young on Picking Your Niche and Simplifying Your Business
#105: Karena Calhoun on Finding Your Purpose and Leading People

JUNE 2021
#104: Carrie Cardozo on Management and Effective Communication
#103: Ceri Hurford-Jones on Hiring the Right People and Teaching Skills
#102: Navin Jaitly on Providing Value to your Sales and Service People
#101: Pablo Gonzalez on Networking and Discovering Positive Black Swans
#100: Jeremy Lunnen on Training and Developing People to be Leaders

MAY  2021
#99: Lindsay Sutherland on Helping Your Employees Grow
#98: Dr. Heather Williamson on Having the Right People to Achieve Your Vision
#97: Nicolene Elhadad on Having a Super Team to Help Your Business Grow
#96: Justin Varuzzo on Putting Customers First

APRIL  2021
#95: Ravi Sharma on Growth-Focused Entrepreneurship
#94: Alain Hunkins on Asking Better Questions
#93: Jonathan Baldock on LinkedIn Tips
#92: Isaac Smith on Team Dynamics

MARCH 2021
#91: Lindsay Tjepkema on Growing in a Pandemic
#90: John Vuong on Becoming an Entrepreneur
#89: Jesse Jackson on Team Communication
#88: Timothy Colson on Trusting Your Team
#87: Phil Drinkwater on Team Building

#86: Mark Herschberg on the Career Toolkit
#85: Genesis Amaris Kemp on Diversity and Equality
#84: Mark Webster on Hiring Practices
#83: Matt Diggity on Better Management

#82: Martin Ebongue on Building a Team
#81: Jeroen Corthout on Building a SaaS
#80: Effie Parnell-Hopkinson on Team Management
#79: Alex Zuev on Intercultural Management

#78: Chris Wilson on The Arts Online
#77: Tonya Sowles on Employee Engagement
#76: Esbe Van Heerden on Operations
#75: Tim Brown on The Right People
#74: Ryan Stewart on People Scaling

#73: Liam Martin on Time Management
#72: Slawek Czajkowski on Building an SEO firm
#71: Jan Cavelle on Scaling and Development
#70: Greg Gibas on Remote Work

#69: Nick Jordan on Scaling Up
#68: Jocelyn Kopac on Company Culture
#67: Zachary Pritchard on Communication
#66: Zsofia Banyai on Automation and Outsourcing

#65: Zuzana Dobro on Problem Solving
#64: John Di Giacomo on Internet Law
#63: Adam Anderson on Growing Your People
#62: Andy Allaway on Managing Teams
#61: Jade Green on Intentional Scheduling

#60: Sofie Couwenbergh on Content Creation
#59: Harry Morton on Hiring Creatives
#58: Amar Ghose on Failing Forward
#57: Stewart Townsend on Staying Focused

JULY 2020
#56: Neel Parekh on Change Management
#55: Henry Daas on The Codfish Life
#54: Beth Miller on Making Better Hires
#53: Ronnie Teja on the Entrepreneurial Operating System
#52: Marquis Matson on SEO Marketing for Start-Up Businesses

JUNE 2020
#51: Ghilaine Chan on Ownership and Smooth Communication
#50: Todd Palmer on Growing Businesses
#49: Byron Morrison on Mindset and High Performance Consulting
#48: Austin Bollinger on Goal Setting and in Making Every Day A Massive Success

MAY 2020
#47: Rocky Romanella on Developing People as Leadership Legacy
#46: Michael Tanner on Leadership Development
#45: Matt Mower on Software Navigation Business
#44: Quentin Depret on Collective Intelligence and Participatory Management

APRIL 2020
#43: Jason Long on Goal Alignment and People Management
#42: Viola Eva on Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship
#41: Erick Rodriguez on Remote Management in times of COVID-19
#40: Dane Maxwell on Great Deals Businesses
#39: Damian Thompson on Redefining Sales

MARCH 2020
#38: Jerry Abiog on Maximizing Artificial Intelligence Platform for Marketing 
#37: Kieran Browning on Business Process Optimization
#36: Frank Agin on Scaling Networking Connections
#35: Dr. Mark Wade on Virtual Summit and Online Strategy

#34: Ludovic Vuillier on Effective Sales Framework
#33: Adam Sinkus on Creating Culture-Driven Relationship
#32: Brent Zahradnik on Learned Interests to Entrepreneurial Success
#31: Carrie McKeegan on Effective Hiring and Management

#30: Andrew Steven on Building Solutions
#29: Melinda Byerley on Priorities and Management
#28: Christine Gouchault on Moving Forward and Creating Momentum
#27: Ray Blakney on Goal-Driven Management
#26: Laura Roeder's Unique Take in People Management

#25: Karl Kangur on Changing Roles of People Management in the face of Digital Marketing
#24: Michael Bereslavsky of Domain Magnate on Business and People Management
#23: Mark Luckenbaugh: How to Make Your Investment in Management Worthy
#22: Anfernee Chansamooth on his Management Growth Journey

#21: Rob Te Braake on Managing your Business Cashflow SMARTLY
#20: Vincent D'Eletto on Effective Workflow and Operational Procedures
#19: Terry Kyle's take on How Innovation Pushes Us More 
#18: Monique Lindner on Performance and Optimization 

#17: Chris Jankulovski on Leadership from the Core
#16: Kris Reid on Management: Focus and Consistency 
#15: Josh Patrick on Successful Business Leadership
#14: Chris Prefontaine on Values Based Management
#13: Gregory Elfrink on Management and Employees First

#12: Wayne Richard from Bean Ninjas on being Visionary and Coaching Leader
#11: Noel Andrews on Time and Communication
#10: Daniel Chabert on Autonomy & Empowerment
#9: Dom Wells on Empowerment and Management

#8: Davide Rossi on Culture of Continuous Feedback
#7: Maj Wismann on Personal Management
#6: Julio Monzon on Culture Driven Leadership
#5 : Kurt Philip on Vision & Results-Driven Management

JULY 2019
#4: Anna Shcherbyna on Data-driven Management
#3: Jonathan Kiekbusch on Hiring Right
#2: Julie Spear from Boblsed Marketing on Employee Development
#1: Lavinia Iosub from Livit on Management