Why Delegation Matters

People often accept the idea that delegation is important, but they don’t necessarily know why it’s so important, or how to do it effectively. The reality is that delegation is one of the most important things you can do not just for your own success, but of all those you delegate to. In this article … Read more

What is DISC (and why does it matter)?

DISC theory was developed by Dr. William Marston in his 1928 book, Emotions of Normal People. When we think of theories developed these days, we might think of principles derived from charts and spreadsheets from difficult-to-replicate studies. But Dr. Marston was deeply interested in interpersonal human dynamics and not that interested in grabbing headlines for … Read more

Two Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Hiring

There are, of course, many mistakes’ entrepreneurs make when they first start out. But there are two in particular that we have seen recur frequently, and particularly in the situation of a new hire. If you take the time to understand these problems and correct them in your own practices, your new hires will thank … Read more

Three Stages of Business Ownership

We’ve spoken before about the three stages of entrepreneurship. There’s a very similar hierarchy when it comes to the three stages of business ownership. Not every business owner needs to get to each stage to be successful, but in order to move from one stage to the next, a business owner has to develop an entirely different … Read more

The Peter Principle: Causes and Remedies

In 1969 Lawrence J. Peter wrote The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong. It was a satire on traditional business research writing, featuring fake examples and humorous cartoons. It managed to strike a chord, it spent 33 weeks on the NY Times bestseller list and has been in print continuously since its release. At … Read more

The Best Places to Recruit

The best overall strategy for recruiting is to always be networking. The more people you know, the more potential employees you meet. But underneath this overarching strategy are of course a few techniques we have discovered over the years that will help you unearth some particularly great candidates. LinkedIn This is a source we speak … Read more

Pushing Productivity with Your Team

While it’s easy to say “lead by example” when it comes to productivity, it’s also important to use tools to get your entire team moving in the same direction. These tools can help to create accountability, stoke desire, and encourage competition in your team. Used effectively, they can take your team’s performance to an entirely new level. … Read more

Principles for Letting People Go

Letting people go is never a pleasant task. But if you have the right mentality and principles regarding it, not only will it become easier to do over time, you’ll come to see its vital importance in helping your organization perform at its best. Your organization will only be at its best if it has … Read more

How to use DISC at work

While DISC can be a powerful personal tool for self-awareness and personal development, it can have a multiplier effect in the workplace, where colleagues and teams can use DISC for better cohesion, communication, and results. In this article we will look at three ways to use DISC at work and achieve better results. Tailor Your Communication We … Read more

How to Recruit Better

Just as some people may dread searching for jobs, there are even those in human resources who may feel stuck in a rut when it comes to recruiting. Hiring managers may not have had consistent success with their hires and this may be because they simply haven’t taken the time to find winning formulas within … Read more

How a VA Can Take Your Performance to the Next Level

We’ve all been told “you can’t make more time.” Of course, in almost every sense, that’s true. But what you can do, through a virtual assistant (VA), is make a part-time you, which can then do some activities you currently do. This frees up your schedule and in a very real way “makes more time” … Read more

High Performance Productivity: The Magic Pill

In previous articles on productivity, we’ve discussed your environment, your body chemistry, and ways to get into flow. If you’ve read (and understood!) those pieces then you’re ready for the magic pill of productivity. You can take this pill as often as you need to calibrate your performance and productivity until you’re satisfied. But it can only be … Read more

High Performance Productivity Basics: Stress

Stress has a negative connotation for many of us. It can stand for anxiety about things that are within our control (a situation at work) or not at all in our control (economic or foreign policy). What we may not realize is that our body is built to deal with stress on a short-term basis: … Read more

High Performance Productivity Basics: Body Chemistry

So many people, like Tim Ferriss, have experimented with their own bodies over the last two decades (and come back to share results with their audiences) that terms like serotonin and endorphins, far from being the domain of medical students or nutritionists, are now commonly understood in at least a vague way. There are chemicals … Read more

High Performance: Managing Your Environment

One of the points that Chris Reynolds makes in our course on High Performance Productivity is the idea that “Your environment is stronger than your willpower.” This is, of course, simply a variant on the ubiquitous “You’re are the average of the five people you are closest to.” If you are working in a messy environment, it’s … Read more

High Performance Hacks: 11 Ways to Get into Flow State

Years ago, you would have had to do a bit of explaining to someone if you threw around the word “flow” casually in a conversation. But more and more people have learned about this state of mind that leads to enhanced performance, so the question naturally follows: how do I get there, especially if I’m … Read more

Growing through Three Stages of Entrepreneurship

A key book for anyone serious about building a company that will last is Michael Gerber’s foundational E-Myth Revisited. The book shares a number of business lessons through the story of a business owner who goes about setting up her company all wrong and is left frustrated and no longer in love with her business. … Read more

Goal Setting Done Right

Most people understand that goal setting is important, but they often don’t really know why that is, or even the best way to do it. Goal setting instead becomes a boring ritual in which marginal improvements over the previous period are set, and without real skin in the game, employees can see these goals as … Read more

Feedback Fuels Performance

Feedback. The word itself is neutral. We might necessarily move to qualify it – is it negative feedback or positive feedback? But the word itself remains neutral. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that “feedback” in the workplace isn’t positive enough, and when it’s negative, isn’t given well or for the right reasons. … Read more

Delegation and the 80/20 Rule

When people hear the word “delegation” they often think simply of handing off work, and yes, that’s part of the equation. They might also think about handing off work that is unpleasant or difficult, and yes, that’s part of the equation too. But the best way to think about delegation is through two lenses: improving … Read more

Building a Culture of Talent

As you grow your company you will expect that people may wish to move on to other companies for other opportunities. But they will be less inclined to do so if they know that they have the opportunity to advance within your organization. This optimism about advancement is natural when you build a culture of … Read more

Better Team Meetings

Team meetings are a necessary evil. They take us away from our work, but if they are run with the right procedures and mindsets, they won’t be dreaded time away from work but rather a valued accelerator to that work. Mindset Your team should realize that the key reason you have team meetings is so … Read more

4 Unexpected Productivity Hacks

When you search for help in productivity, you’ll often find tips on creating accountability, making better to-do lists, and managing stress. Those are helpful things to work on (we know, we wrote articles about them!). But what many don’t realize is that there are easy (but not obvious) fixes hidden in plain sight. In this article we’ll discuss … Read more

MSMP 176: You Won’t Believe How Small Business Operations Can Be Greatly Affected By Remote Team Communication

Can you achieve “profit predictability” in your small business operations by simply being effective in communication leadership? Adam Liette, Smooth Operations founder, joins us in today’s podcast episode and shares how this is possible!  Behavioural science tells us that every interaction affects people’s performance. Each interaction can work best when we work from a place of … Read more

MSMP 175: Easy To Follow Business Alignment Tips For Your Small Business Success

Are you caught in the grip of unproductive meetings, or not understanding your business and people’s functions as you thought they should be? Tristan Wright, joins us in today’s podcast episode to share how huge of an impact it can be when you acknowledge that the missing point to your small business success is an effective business alignment … Read more

MSMP 185: How To Improve Your Business Efficiency Without Wasting A Lot Of Money

As you know by now, a business that efficiently runs is much more likely to find continued success over the long term. If you’ve ever asked yourself as an entrepreneur, “How to increase business efficiency?” Well, let me tell you – efficiency boosts productivity and can give you an edge in today’s competitive market. Adam and I talked about … Read more

MSMP 183: How Do You Improve Employee Motivation Without Doing a Lot

A lot of business owners underestimate the power of employee motivation in managing people. No wonder you’re here today wondering whether or not you can increase motivation without doing a lot. Anthony joins me today as we’re chatting about how you can exactly do that, which will save you time and money in the long run.  What’s … Read more

MSMP 174: Use This Recruitment Tip to Improve Your Hiring Process

If you are a business owner looking to accelerate in scaling your business, this recruitment tip and podcast episode is for you!  Funny to say, Mike and I have been friends for a while, but it’s only now that I have him on my podcast! Mike and I wonderfully exchanged our ideas around recruitment and how he’s using this … Read more

MSMP 182: Quickly Decrease Your Team’s Incompetence by Simply Tracking Productivity

Is there a one-size fits all cadence for tracking employee productivity? Let alone managing your employees? Austin Kerr is joining me today, who runs a management software helping managers run their teams smoothly daily!  Austin and I recognise the different management problems that exist both in the corporate setting and especially for small business owners, who struggle the most regarding … Read more

MSMP 180: How Do You Change And Create A Great Company Culture?

Sara Sheehan joins us in today’s episode! Sara and I talked about one of the most common topics around people management, which is having the best company culture. Is there such?  Sara puts it – company culture’s foundation is supported behaviours. And this came from her years of experience from a human capital perspective. Sara highlights, though, that … Read more

MSMP 170: Does your workplace culture cause your business to fail?

Our guests for today’s episode started scaling businesses very interestingly. Harrison Baron founded his business today from podcasts! And look, here we are discussing management tips and tricks on my podcast! There is a lot of debate about how to manage your employees and create a good workplace culture. It’s no longer just about getting the work done. … Read more

MSMP 179: 8 Fail-Proof Business Success Factors That Make Money

This week, I am speaking to Daryl Urbansaki, who spent years doing Meta-Analysis to finally study at least – on a scientific basis the ultimate key success factors in business that make money across the board! These business success factors are the ones you would want to take a list on!  Key factors in small business … Read more

MSMP 168: How Mission-Driven Leadership Achieve Faster Growth

We are entering a new era of warfare that is more complex than ever before. It requires mission-driven leadership to unify teams on a singular mission, no matter how diverse or dispersed they are. Jon Rennie, a business owner, author, and former naval officer joins us in today’s episode. Jon’s former submariner experience brings in unheard-of leadership principles … Read more

MSMP 177: When is delegating effectively most successful?

Delegation has been a core topic, you know, I am very passionate about. So, I am super thrilled to have NaTandya Dowell, in today’s podcast episode as we discuss the pitfalls of delegation of work and why delegating effectively as a small business owner can be very hard! It’s known that a lot of solopreneurs turned into entrepreneurs have difficulty … Read more

MSMP 164: Learn How To Build A Huge Network For Your Small Business

In the past episodes, I’ve talked about ways on how to build your network! And this week’s guest and episode is slightly different from what we used to have on the pod. Today, Louis and I will discuss how to build your network, narrow your niche, and how the mentioned actions made a huge network for Louis’ small business! Are … Read more

MSMP 162: What Are You Missing Out on Networking Today

I’m thrilled to be joined by Doug Cornfield today! Before Doug tapped into his entrepreneurial roots, he previously became a top sales representative for a fast-growing company. To back his sales success, the company sales grew from $500,000 per year to a cash flow of $500,000 per week in just three years! Doug then tapped into his sales, and … Read more

MSMP 161: 2 Important Content Marketing Strategies That Works But You’re Not Doing!

Taylor Proctor joins us in today’s newest episode! I’ve interviewed a lot of amazing business-impacting life coaches on my channel, but Taylor’s expertise in content marketing strategies clearly resonates with today’s reality! Definitely, in your business reality too! Taylor’s confidence in helping business owners with content marketing strategies and examples stems from her wealth of experience with big-known brands you’ve heard … Read more

MSMP 160: What Is Successful Delegation In Real Estate Operations

Thrilled to be joined by Seth Teagle in our podcast episode today! Like myself, I also have a fair share of real estate investments, and Seth shares his expertise in successfully delegating his real estate business with us to the growth it is today. Seth talked about his specific challenges, especially in managing people when his real estate business was growing. Seth … Read more

MSMP 159: Stop Making This Networking Connection Mistake Today

We’re jumping into one topic I love discussing: networking! Clayton and I chatted about the pitfalls and importance of communication (especially in challenging circumstances), networking wonders, and making connections better! Communication as we know it has always been very important in business and management. But Clayton shared how communications can be leveraged better to create better networking connections! Listen ‘til the very … Read more

MSMP 157: Why Your Employees Are Not Empowered The Way You Want Them To

Joining us again today is Lincoln Kokaram! Lincoln shares in our podcast episode today his humble experience and how he used this to be where he is today! Lincoln’s story is unique amongst others because he empowers his employees as he’s starting to have opportunities for himself too! This leadership strategy not only benefited his business but, at the same … Read more

MSMP 156: How Your Fear of Hiring Younger Employees Delays Business Opportunities

Today’s episode tackles every business owner’s fear: hiring younger and qualified but inexperienced employees. Ron Nussbaum is our guest today! Ron’s management experience dealing with younger and less experienced employees assures business owner’s that: it can be done. So as long as the communication lines are open. This aspect has been Ron’s nugget in managing, developing, and creating lifelong retention of his younger employees. Learn … Read more

MSMP 154: What Is Self Development In Leadership?

Patrice Bisiot joins us in today’s episode! Patrice’s appreciation of authentic leadership comes from his very unique experience with self-awareness and self development. He navigated his fashion business into a leadership and self-development niche. Patrice believes that authenticity is important when translating leadership into actions. This concept of authenticity works for both him, as the … Read more

MSMP 152: How Do I Increase Employee Retention? Learn How Your Work Culture Affects!

We all know how badly the pandemic has hit the hospitality industry. It’s one of the many industries which struggled to keep the business going, considering the implementation of several lockdowns. Lydia, the owner of multiple restaurant businesses, joins us in today’s episode! In her business industry, recruitment is considered reactive, and she learned this a hard … Read more