#182: Quickly Decrease Your Team’s Incompetence by Simply Tracking Productivity

Is there a one-size fits all cadence for tracking employee productivity? Let alone managing your employees? Austin Kerr is joining me today, who runs a management software helping managers run their teams smoothly daily! 

Austin and I recognise the different management problems that exist both in the corporate setting and especially for small business owners, who struggle the most regarding management. Like myself, Austin is also very passionate when it comes to people management! His software greatly helps in tracking productivity among your people, making management easy-peasy! 

Austin and I shared our favourite management resources, too, so make sure you tune in all the way to the end! 

Listen to this week's show and learn: 

-How does one hire the right person?;

-As a business owner, how can you make sure that you onboard your people correctly?;

-When is the right time for promotion?;

-How do you determine how much raise to performing employees?;

-When do productivity tracking ends and managing begins?. 

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