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Managing people can be challenging! Wherever you are just starting out hiring your first employee or if you are already working with a team of people and you feel like you are struggling in terms of either, hiring, retention, performance management, employee development, employee behaviors, relationships or simply in delivering the right results, I’m here to help!

When I say people management is my passion, I literally mean I eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner! Since I was 18, I have spent an average of 2 hours per day on personal development around management and self-improvement. Along with my experience working in large corporations such as Xerox and IBM, my coaching, mentoring work with entrepreneurs over several years, I’m here to help people move forward wherever it’s in their own business or in their career. If you want to know more. Check out my Coaching/Consultancy services

I’m also a keen publish speaker on the subject of Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship & Motivation, you can see more about my speaking engagement here.

When I’m not working on any of the above or enjoying a great time with my family and friends, I likewise love to travel. I believe experiencing other people and cultures is one of the things that can develop us as human beings more then anything else – I am generally not a person that take myself to serious, as I believe the ability to laugh at yourself once in a while is the key to happiness and in the end that’s what life is all about isn’t it? That said people get what they work for, in the end it’s a question consistently delivering top performance in whatever you do and that is what I aim to do every day.

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