MSMP 48: Austin Bollinger on Goal Setting and in Making Every Day A Massive Success

A lot of us wait for an extended period to be able to say to ourselves, “Aha! Goal achieved!”. For Austin, it works differently.

Austin Bollinger joins me in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast to talk about working to achieve massive success every day.

Austin is the Vice President of Strategic Development of a Digital Video Marketing Company and, at the same time, runs his podcast circulating around helping people achieve massive success in their lives every day.

Austin found love in helping team members discover personal growth journey. He also describes himself as a person whose passion revolves around servant leadership and mentoring.

Austin is a driven leader; he leads with a vision and goals. He knows that for the vision to come to life, clarity, and focus dramatically helps a leader lead other effectively, specializing in adding more value.

Austin Bollinger – Media Kit

Key Learning Points:

1. Austin Bollinger’s Insight on Servant Leadership - 2:52

2. Austin Bollinger’s on his Current Focus - 14:28

3. Austin Bollinger’s on Setting Effective Goals - 32:57

Resources Mentioned:

Book: The ONE Thing

Authors: Gary Keller, Jay Papasan

Book: The Compound Effect

Authors: Darren Hardy

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1. Daily New Year’s

2. Linkedin

3. Twitter

4. E-mail: