#150: Reduce Your Attrition Rate Using This Leadership Technique!

When we speak of Tech Industry, we immediately think about having a linear approach to leadership and its attrition rate in effect. We rarely hear about the human-centered approach to leadership, where a safe space is created for humans to thrive instead of merely to survive. Alexandria Scobee is joining us in today’s episode of Mads Singers Management Podcast. Her expertise in Human-Centered Leadership brings a lot of value to a level that we rarely see. This paradigm shift has been proven to reduce the attrition rate. Alexandria and I shared the same belief about investing in the people themselves as the core of having a healthy team, which is a strong indicator of engagement and success. In the same vein, we both have the same insights regarding feedback! Find out more and learn about how to reduce your attrition in tech leadership!

What else do we cover in this episode?

3:48 - Identified Business Triggers

5:16 - What is Human-Centered Leadership Approach?

6:28 - How Can Human-Centered Leadership Be Evident in Tech Industry?

13:55 - Human-Centered Approach in Communication

19:14 - Factors Affecting Human-Centered Approach in Leadership