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The Effective Management Mastery course is one of the most advanced Management Trainings in the space. During this program I will show you how to manage your people most efficiently, so you get to focus your time on what matters most!

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People Management

Do you know the difference between coaching and managing?

Leadership Development

Developing your staff to move into more senior roles keeps your talent within the business.

Organisational Culture

Having each manager understand their impact for the culture in their own team is important.

Employee Retention

Retaining talented, motivated people is vital to the success of your company.

How does it work?

Learn All About Management in 7 Training Modules.

I will teach you the framework I’m using to manage people. This management framework relies on the D.i.S.C. model. You can use the D.i.S.C. personality test to get to know your employees better and identify their preferred work styles, behaviour patterns and how they like to be recognised when they do a good job!

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Learn how to manage your team efficiently, onboard the right people and get the right people in the right positions.

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You will experience improvement in your company culture and business growth pretty soon. I also add at least 2h of private coaching with me.

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Kurt Philip

CEO & Founder – Convertica.org

Gregory Elfrink

Director of Marketing – EmpireFlippers.com

Kris Reid

The Coolest Guy in SEO

Daryl Rosser

CEO – LionZeal.com

Mads Singers

CEO – MadsSingers.com

Tung Tran

CEO – Cloudliving.com

Effective Management Mastery

7 Steps To Effective Management

These are the 7 modules that lead you to become a highly trained management expert. Scale your team and your company with ease.

Introduction Module

An introduction to Effective Management Mastery and how to navigate through the course.

Module 01 – D.i.S.C.

Learn everything about the D.i.S.C. Management Philosophy and how to apply it to your team.

Module 02 – One To One

Learn everything about the most important time you spend with your employees – the 1:1 Coachings.

Module 03 – Meetings

Learn how to organise and guide effective meetings and how to get the most out of them.

Module 04 – Delegation

Learn how to delegate responsibilities and not task and how to hold your employees accountable.

Module 05 – Goalsetting

Why are goals important and how to set goals for your employees and team.

Module 06 – Feedback

Learn how to give constructive feedback and how to motivate your staff with good feedback.

Module 07 – Recruitment

Finally, how do you recruit the right people for the right positions in your company?

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The Managemet Academy

The Effective Management Mastery course is the go-to for busy Entrepreneurs who want to grow their Business and Management Skills. During this program I will show you how to manage your people most efficiently, so you get to focus your time on what matters most!

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"Mads completely changed our approach to management and the way we interact and communicate with team members. Understanding different personalities will help you not just in business and communication with your team, but in your everyday life too. Do yourself a favor and buy his course NOW.”


Nemanja Mirkovic
Owner: PBNfox.com & Leadfox.co

"Learning DISC was a huge game changer for us scaling our business over the last year. If you manage people get to know D.I.S.C.!"


Christoffer Ravnsborg
Affiliate Marketer - Davao, Philippines

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