MSMP 6: Julio Monzon on Culture Driven Leadership

Joining us in this episode of the Mads Singers Management Podcast is Julio Monzon, COO of Monetizemore. He describes himself as a holistic thinker who empowers other leaders by capitalizing on the organizational culture.
Building a unique and dynamic business today is a challenge and Julio banks on the trust of his employees and the culture established. 

He knows, for one, the implications of having a vibrant culture that engages and energizes employees; and believes in almost every case, if the culture is established it no longer needs to be imposed but is lived mutually.
For Julio, social factors play a huge part in building a culture which cultivates leaders and empowers team members. He acknowledges the challenge at the beginning of every change process; hence, getting the buy-in for Julio is also a chance for the leaders and executives to gain an understanding regarding the concerns of the workforce.
In addition, having each employee live the company culture allows Julio to provide an avenue for other leaders to be creative in their own way by allowing them to navigate the space freely instead of taking instructions on “how to’s”.  
Julio subscribes to the view that once the extended team is engaged and strategical performance feedback is established, the execution process is refreshed and then evolves.
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Key Learning:
1. Julio Monzon’s Management Philosophy – (4:54)
2. Mission in People Management – (5:32)
3. Julio Monzon’s Unique Management Style – (9:36), (10:00), (10:44)
4. Going beyond Managing – (11:53), (15:09), (15:25)
5. Julio Monzon’s take in Identifying Leaders – (20:04), (20:55)
6. Business Transformation – (22:23), (23:19)
7. Personal Transformation – (24:22)
8. Management Tips, Tricks, or Techniques – (26:17), (28:45)

Golden Nuggets:
1. Context’s Importance – (18:42)
2. Culture Driven Leadership – (11:53)

Resource Mentioned: 
Book: Zero to One
Author: Peter Thiel, Blake Masters

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