#167: Avoid These Networking Pitfalls And Alter Your Entire Lead Generation Approach

This week, I am speaking to Patrick Kilner, who has advocated lead generation through the right network and influence. What’s interesting about Patrick is that he built his success from the global recession over 10 years ago. And relied heavily on networking and having the right relationships, which helped him thrive above the global crisis!

Since then, and after seeing the impact it made on him and his business, he realized how lead generation, as we know it today, became very superficial and lacked depth. He’s always believed that the only way to make your business “disruption” proof is through using influencer pyramid. He also shared a very practical way of networking for small business owners.

I know we’ve covered some exciting episodes about networking for small business owners BUT today’s episode is one thing you would not want to miss! I never thought lead generation as we know it today has a weak point no one talks about!


Tune in until the very end and learn how you can get a free chapter of his book, Find Your Six!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

3 overlooked obstacles in the way you do networking;

Why lead generation has become a losing proposition today;

Who should your networking be focused when you are a small business owner;

What true influence is and how to win and develop it systematically

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Book:FIND YOUR SIX: Stop Lead Generating & Start Building Influence

Author: Patrick Kilner

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